Not a lot of people are well aware of the existence of urgent care services. If you are wondering yourself what urgent care is all about, then you have come to the right place.

So, what is urgent care? If you say urgent care, you are referring to a type of health care service. Judging by its name, this is a service for people who have an injury or medical condition that needs urgent attention. In terms of price, urgent care services are less expensive than emergency room services. Urgent care services are often required twenty-four hours after the person gets sick or after he or she has been injured. Urgent care services are often provided in a clinic. While these clinics are not attached to a hospital, they may belong to the same grounds where the hospital is in. A lot of patients who seek urgent care services already have their own private doctors. In fact, they have one but they just cannot get in touch with their doctor on that day. One other reason is the regular doctor of the patient is already out. It is perfectly fine to seek urgent primary care physician services for medical conditions or illnesses that are just not serious enough to go to an emergency room.

Urgent care facilities have been around for quite some time already starting with the 1970s. These walk-in clinics have long been proposed by health insurance companies among patients who need medical care but do not have a regular doctor or cannot see one as of the moment. One of the main reasons why urgent care services are encouraged is that they are less expensive. By seeking treatment from these clinics and having your condition treated by them first, you avoid making it an emergency status. Going to the emergency room is not anymore needed by you in this way. One such example is going to an urgent Occupational health clinic to have the sore throat of your child medically treated within twenty-four hours. During this time, their condition was still manageable. To manage this medical condition, an antibiotic or other treatments are given to your child for his or her sore throat and rest is advised. The condition may become serious when you ignore it. Going to the emergency room may be necessary when the medical condition worsens over the weekend.

A lot of these urgent care facilities deal with patients on a first come first served basis. You may have to wait for your turn if the clinic is crowded. Making an appointment with the clinic first is also one of the policies for some urgent care facilities. Rest assured that within twenty-four hours, you will be catered to. The level of urgent care facility often determines what type of medical services these clinics can give you.

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